La Rectoral de Anllo is located Northwest of Spain, Galicia celtic region. Specifically in the land of Ribeira Sacra, Holy River Bank, a beautiful natural area that boasts the greatest concentration of Romanesque remains in Europe, which makes it an important heritage of monasteries, castles, churches and pazos, the typical Galician manor houses

Surroundings and activities

Its natural outdoors is made up of an abundance of water, with hundreds of natural springs and hot springs where health resorts have been built.
This area it is known for its impressive canyons of the Sil and Miño rivers, and for its steep slopes covered with thick forests and terraced vineyards that date back to the Roman period.

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Located 86 kilometers far from Lugo, the provincial capital, Rectoral de Anllo is just 45 kilometers from Ourense, with its magnificent thermal route dotted with dozens of river pools, health resorts and bathing areas, of which some have free entrance. Others are private, and there are even some in a Japanese style

Monforte de Lemos: 17 kilometers far from La Rectoral, you can find this unique example of a feudal fortified city, built around a Benedictine monastery and a castle.
In this beautiful medieval town there is a Jewish Quarter and the palace of The Dukes of Lemos.
Monforte is also a converging point of various sections of the Camino de Santiago (The Santiago Way).

Sober: 6 kilometers from La Rectoral. The parrish of Santo Estevo de Anllo, from which our Rectoral receives its name, belongs to this town. It is located in the wine region of Ribeira Sacra D.O., home to the production of the subzone of Amandi wines, and the one of the shores of the Cabe River.

El Mirador de Os Chancís: 4 kilometers from La Rectoral, this is an impressive location, open to the canyon of the canyon of the Sil River, It is the most important natural space of this area, formed by granite walls, some reaching 500 meters high.

There are many paths and trails you can take to arrive to this spectacular landscape.
At the lookout there is a terrace bar, and a pier where you can rent catamaran trips and kayaks.

Turismo en la Ribeira Sacra: Alquiler de kayaks, deportes y rutas en torno al Cañón del Sil

Route of Os Muiños do Xábrega: Here you can find five recently restored windmills united by a stream, the Sábrega, which empties into the River Sil in the form of a waterfall.

You can arrive to this place walking for less than an hour from La Rectoral.

Every year in July is celebrated the Feast, Festa Os Muiños, a weekend of music, food, drink and cultural activities.

Hiking Trail Ruta PRG- 86, Vineyards of the Ribeira Sacra; unites the site of Rosende with the Mirador de Os Chancís, 100 m. far from la Rectoral.

Petroglyphs of Nogueira. Only a 20 minute walk from La Rectoral, you can find Neolithic engravings carved in the rocks.

More petroglyphs: In Anllo village you can also see the carvings of Tapado do Monte. Close to here you can find petroglyphs in Lagos, O Pombal, O Xestal, Pedride, Pena do Cabalo and Froxán (in Proendos village), Os Cótaros and Prados (in Figueroá village)

There are Celtic Forts at a walking distance near the Rectoral in Castinande, Villaescura, Francos and San Marcos.

In addition, there is the Castro de San Amaro or A Cidade, located between the towns of Pungin and San Amaro, 60 kms far from la Rectoral. It is one of the biggest fortified towns of Galicia in process of excavation, located in a beautiful area and with an excellent state of conservation. Free entrance.

Santuario de Cadeiras, This sanctuary, located in Sober town, 13 kms. from la Rectoral, is an example in the XVIII century Galician Baroque style.

600 meters above sea level, next to a lookout that sticks out over the steep vineyards of the river Sil. It was built by the people of the town and is still unfinished. It is the site of a huge religious pilgrimage in September.

Benecdictine monastery of Santa Cristina de Ribas de Sil: Situated 52 kms away from La Rectoral, in the Ourense province side of the Ribeira Sacra.

It is an architectural jewel of the Galician Roman Period, 9th Century. Here you will find an spectacular cloister and frescos paintings. It is surrounded by forests containing hundred-year-old chestnut trees on the shores of the Sil River.

Mais que Románico rutas

The meeting point of the Sil and Cabe Rivers, in A Barca, 6 kms away. It is a magical place where you can find a hiking trail (medium-high difficulty) that goes to the Monasterio de Santo Estevo, from V y VI centuries, declared a National Historic-Artistic .

The River Mao Pathways: Located in the Ourense side of Ribeira Sacra, 47 kms. from La Rectoral. It’s a spectacular, easy route, appropriate for the entire family.

The major part of this 3 kms walk passes through hanging trees above the canyon of the Mao River, a tributary of the River Sil.

A Cova River beach. A perfect place to swim in the Miño River. 30 minutes, 21 kms. from the Rectoral.

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