We have decided to share some of the most rewarding experiences we have had since we arrived in the Ribeira, and they are now part of our annual routine: collecting fruits from the trees, cultivating our own kitchen garden, cooking and canning with our products, collecting mushrooms in the forest

And the events with friends and neighbors: Traditional grape harvesting, the Magosto or Castañada,making sausages and cold-cuts

Since centuries ago, after each summer and before the first rains arrive, at the Rectoral and in every small or large vineyard in the region, neighbors and relatives come to help collect and crush grapes. Then the grapes are left to ferment in vats which we then process slowly to make the famous Amandi wine.

At year’s end, after the pig slaughter, we meet friends to make salamis and sausages with pig meat. Once they dry, we´ll use them in various festivities. One of these festivals is the Magosto or Castañada, which celebrates the chesnut picking with a great banquet where everybody can eat fire-roasted chestnuts and freshly made sausages and chorizos, while drinking the latest wine.

These ancient and unique activities have existed for a long time in the Ribeira Sacra, creating economy, ritual, celebration and tradition.

If you fancy taking part in some of them during your stay in la Rectoral, see our Calendar of Rural Tourism Activities, (may vary each year):

  • Traditional community grape harvest/Vendimia -SEPTEMBER
  • Traditional Chorizada/Sausage making: NOVEMBER, one in DECEMBER, one in JANUARY
  • Magosto/ Chestnut Picking: Last days of SEPT/OCTOBER
  • Wild Mushroom picking: OCTOBER
  • Garden vegetables picking, canning and conservation ANYTIME
  • Fruit Picking: Last days of AUGUST

We also organize workshops for children, teenagers and adults, in which we try to combine the experience of living in a colorful, wonderful environment with our passion for food and high quality local cuisine:


  • Winter Galician cuisine
  • Summer Galician cuisine
  • A Vegetable patch of living beings
  • A Garden of living beings
  • A Forest of living beings
  • Sensible and Useful Spaces (How to create and maintain beautiful live spaces)

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