As creative native city people, we have provided sounds, colors and shapes of other places which we have brought to Rectoral de Anllo to lighten up the remote past. We have then mixed these things with the heart of the house in the bedrooms, in the kitchen, in the halls, in the garden, and we have obtained in exchange height, brightness and depth. Expansion…

The house

Rectoral de Anllo maintains its original chestnut ceilings, the fresco walls of the painter Castinandi, and the doors and structures of a stone Galician eighteenth-century villa of Italian style..

Completely refurbished and transformed into a rural inn with style, its rooms are a reflection of life in Galicia in the old past, at the same time providing its guests with all the modern amenities.

The paintings and photos of contemporary authors, our own personally designed lamps, the oil paintings on wood, the carefully selected background music; all this along with an artistic spirit is present in every detail, in every corner of the Rectoral and in everything we do in it.

The Orchard and Gardens

These are beautiful, and every corner carefully cared for and pampered. They are our Laboratory for a New World. You can feel Javi’s passion for taking care of the garden, and you can listen to Nacho talking about the life growing there. Then you´ll perceive every tree and plant with different eyes and you will feel the soul that lives within them; you will see beyond what appears to be…

Apple trees, pear trees, fig trees, large clumps of hydrangeas, plum trees, walnut, chestnut…

The Forest

The beat of the Ribeira Sacra can be heard walking through the woods. Relaxing, alive, lush, eager to be discovered and trodden on by friends and strangers. Hazel trees, birch and chestnut trees, boletus edulis (mushrooms), white heather…

The Vineyard

A mix of Mencia and Garnacha grapes for the red wine, and Jerez and Cobello grapes for the white one. Here the fruits are produced to make that special wine which is offered on the menu of our restaurant.

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